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Lingua Latina Website for the textbook we use in Beginning Latin, based on the natural method of Hans Øberg.

Vocabulary drills for each chapter of Familia Romana.

Wilson's Noun Declension drills. Drills tailored to the vocabulary of Lingua Latina.

Nuntii Latini: the news in Latin (from Finland).

Bedford High School has various resources for Lingua Latina, including links to videos of the colloquia.

Vikipaedia: the Latin version of Wikipedia

The Latin Library has the original texts of many classical authors.

Perseus Digital Library: A library of Latin and Greek texts at Tufts University.

Lacus Curtius: A rich resource with a Roman gazeteer and many Roman and Greek texts.

Opus Fundatum Latinitas. (Latinity Foundation). The Vatican office devoted to keeping the dead langauge half-alive! Includes the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis (Lexicon of Recent Latin), giving Latin terms for modern things like taxis, lampshades, waltzes and weekends.

Wheelock's Latin resources. The book we used to use (Wheelock's Latin) is still an excellent reference for Latin grammar and a source of readings for beginning readers.

U.Vic. Latin exercises: Exercises geared to Wheelock's Latin on vocabulary and inflections.

Wheelock's Latin Official Site: Resources for Latin learners, including pronunciation files.

Just for Fun:

Romanes eunt domus: A Latin skit from Monty Python's Life of Brian.

Tombstone: the scene where Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo face off in Latin.