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Stellarium. Want to know what's in the sky tonight. This beautiful planetarium program will tell you! It displays the stars, planets, and constellations of the night sky in a realistic way. Runs on PCs, Macs, and Unix.

Binary Star Simulator Animation of the spectrum of binary stars, showing the Doppler effect on the spectral lines.

Black Holes A lively look at the strange and wonderful world of black holes, from the Hubble Telescope people.

Solar Superstorm. The story of the great 1859 solar storm, which caused displays of northern lights to be seen in the tropics.

SkyView is a quick link to NASA images of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters taken from all-sky surveys.

The Universe Adventure. A fabulous introduction to cosmology and the Big Bang Theory.

The Particle Adventure. An introduction to the world of quarks, electrons, and neutrinos from the same people that put together the Universe Adventure.


The biggest stars

How far away is alpha Cen?

Neutron Stars

Journey Into a Black Hole

What is the Universe Expainding into?

Accelerating Universe

Astronomically Correct Twinkle, Twinkle

Balloon analogy of the expansion of the Universe

Dr. Bethany Cobb: Expansion of the Universe

Neil Tyson: Big Bang Theory

Phil Plait: Parallax

Betelgeuse Blows Up

What if the Earth orbited other stars?



SETI Institute

Tarter: Why search for aliens?

Tyson on life

Krauss on Fermi Paradox

Diamond on Fermi Paradox

Drake on Fermi Paradox

Tarter on SETI



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